What our previous event members said about us

“One of the most impressive things about the entire weekend was how strategic impactNPO was. Everything they did seemed to consistently go back to their goal of helping non-profit organisations. Even after I had a team, the impactNPO leaders made themselves available for guidance, questions, and even some nitty-gritty programming.” Read more here
TinCan Translations
“For those of us who have experienced an impactNPO weekend we know the magic. A huge part of that magic is the mental space … based on encouragement from the impactNPO team … that IT people bring their creativity as well as their skills. This is often lacking in their day to day work for a company, government or other business.”
Common Knowledge Trust
“This has been the most rewarding and exciting weekend, and we can’t thank the impactNPO team and the incredible volunteers enough. Heart Kids is reliant on community support to provide our essential services to kids and families facing the lifelong challenges of congenital heart defects, and the opportunity to work with IT professionals and receive guidance, support and pro bono work is truly priceless. This weekend has allowed us to make some immediate cost savings, as well as set ourselves up to make ongoing process improvements. Our grateful thanks to everyone involved. If other charities have the opportunity to get involved, I wholeheartedly recommend it.”
Heart Kids New Zealand
“The organisations we met through impactNPOs Charity Hack Fest are tackling big problems on tight budgets so it’s a privilege for SilverStripe to sponsor the event. We also sent a cross­functional team to the hack fest to help out and we couldn’t be happier with how things went. We joined a team of clever and committed volunteers to deliver a new website for Sustainable Coastlines…in just 21 hours! SilverStripers got so much out of it — team building, professional development, good times and a chance to share our love of SilverStripe with others. Big shout out to our fellow Love Your Water project team mates. We really enjoyed working with you. Thank you impactNPO for your warm hospitality. You did a great job of geek wrangling this weekend.”
“A very big thank you to the impactNPO team for organising such a great event. We had an enthusiastic team of volunteers who worked together over the weekend to trial out different software products and made a final recommendation on a product that would best suit our organisation’s IT needs. We have come away with a plan for way forward and are excited about getting this implemented. We are definitely looking forward to participating in future events.”
Engineers Without Borders
“Like blinding lights, the amazing souls from impactNPO have left us speechless. Words cannot do justice to the great work these guys do. What we had been told would take over $5000 and a month of working time, they achieved with one weekend of hard work. Feng, Jessie, Konstantin, Prakash, Raphael, Ryan & Vikram worked with sincere effort to make those long frustrated website ambitions come true. The atmosphere was very friendly and fun, and it was altogether a most satisfactory time. We will always be grateful for your work guys, and if you ever need anything you can count on us!”