Why You Should Sponsor an impactNPO Event

Previous sponsors of impactNPO events have had many reasons for wanting to be involved. A few stand out:

  • Knowing that their charitable donations are being amplified.  Sponsoring one event means supporting multiple charities, and the value of the investment in terms of the value of the software built is an estimated 3,000%
  • Collecting material to be used for Corporate Social Responsibility by their organisation
  • Supporting a specific charity that’s attending the event, and at the same time spreading their support to the other charities attending
  • Having the recognition as a supporter from the local IT community
  • Getting the opportunity to talk to IT specialists about their organisation

Sponsorship covers the costs for the food, materials, and travel cost that we need to allow the volunteers to focus on solving the charities’ problems and for us to run the event.

We are really hoping to get organisations like yours to join our community of professional volunteers and Non for profit organisations and help us in our mission to build better communities through technology and altruism.

impactNPO is a Non-Profit-Organisation intent on helping local charities overcome IT challenges. We reach people so invested in their trade that they give away their weekend.

We can offer you the following benefits:

  • Presentation opportunity at the start of the event
  • Your staff will be on site at lunchtime so our volunteers can connect with you
  • Your banner and other appropriate promotional materials will be displayed at our event
  • You will join us in celebrating our success on the weekend at our closing presentation
  • Your organisation will receive coverage through our active Social Media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram

If this sounds like it’s up your street, apply here.  Thank you for considering participating in our mission!  If we can answer any other questions, or provide any additional information, please just let us know!