Benefits for Charities and Non-Profit Organisations

Local charities and not for profits often find IT challenging and expensive.  impactNPO is a New Zealand charity,  with a mission to help solve that issue.  We run fun, high-energy and impactful weekend events, where teams of local volunteer IT professionals work hard to solve your challenges using their IT skills to deliver working solutions.

Our amazing volunteers have build websites from scratch, sorted out websites that are out of date, or need some love, set up databases and CRMs, created solutions for charity organisers to communicate with each other, and even built a mobile app over a weekend!   You will be amazed how much can be built in such a short time, and most importantly, we work towards the solution being ready for you to use after the weekend.

You may be interested in building a website to increase your community reach? An impactNPO event usually includes help on the following:

  • Website setup (commonly using a WordPress template)
  • Help with domain and hosting choices
  • Content strategy and guidance in content creation
  • Training in using the new website
  • Content writing help during the event
  • Graphic logo and image design and development

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a not-for-profit, non-government organisation
  • Must serve the community
  • Will require at least one representative who knows your goals in detail to present to the volunteers
  • The organisation has a well defined problem that can be solved over the weekend

What to Expect When You Participate

  • impactNPO is structured so that you work with the volunteer team in preparing, planning, writing content and gathering information
  • A team of volunteers will spend a weekend solving your problem eg. building a brand new website for your organisation or improving your existing site
  • New software is available as-is at the end of the impactNPO event
  • Post-event software management is the organisations responsibility, but you should work with your team of volunteers to make sure you have the skills and knowledge you need
  • If you have a great impression on your volunteer team, some may continue to work directly for you!