Viva eclectika were running an event in 8 weeks, but had no web presence.
Ticket sales and community groups involved were restricted to direct contacts.
The desire was to increase the reach, and to involve younger community groups and students.
Electronic interaction was seen as vital to this.  

After The Hackathon

impactNPO volunteers created a website,
which is the start of a future platform for Viva eclectika.
Rebranding and new ideas for marketing and ticketing have initiated
a start of modernisation of the organisation.    

Short Term Impact

There was reduced administration overhead with ticket sales for the event in April 2016,
and the website increased the credibility with sponsors.  

Long Term Impact

Viva eclectika are running their next event in July 2018.
They are preparing for the future, with more groups interacting electronically,
and the goal of greater ticket sales beyond their direct contacts.