September Auckland Event

We are pleased to announce our 14th event in Auckland at The GridAKL, 101 Pakenham Street West.

To be part of this amazing weekend, all you need to do is:

Get a ticket from Eventbrite.

The weekend starting on Friday 1st September from 6 pm to 8 pm with networking, charity introductions, and team formation. You will be volunteering your weekend (Saturday 2nd September and Sunday 3rd September from 9 am to 5 pm) where we all will be giving back to the community by providing IT solutions to charities. We will be providing the food and drinks this weekend to keep you well fed and energised!

A big thank you to our lovely sponsors, Suncorp New Zealand who are sponsoring the food for the weekend and The GridAKLwho are sponsoring the venue.

The charities you will be helping at this event are:


She#’s vision is to see gender stereotyping in the technology sector broken down and to see girls and young women making educated, unbiased decisions about their future career paths

They wish to further develop and utilise digital means to better engage with our target community

Social Enterprise Auckland

Social Enterprise Auckland is a collaborative group of social enterprises and their supporters from the sector, business community and both local and central government.

They would like to create an online space, using the platform (or similar), that will facilitate the development of an online community

Betterment Global

Betterment is looking to unite entrepreneurial people and help them grow conscious businesses.

We would like to use NationBuilder ( to build our website, create their online community and manage their CRM system.

New Zealand Medical Student Association

NZMSA exist to represent, unite and empower medical students on the views, issues and concerns relevant to them.

They need to use an online platform to engage with their community and promote their 2018 conference.

What’s in it for me?

First and foremost we aim to help local non-profits. NPOs often have quite a lot of IT challenges. Through this, you may find that you meet new people from different companies or industries, find contacts if you’re looking for work, or get to step outside of your comfort zone and learn something new through a weekend project. Or just have a fun weekend working in a team to deliver something that is really useful to the community!

What can we expect as results for the NPOs?

This depends on you, your team and the needs of your chosen NPO! Over the many successful weekends we have run in Auckland, we have helped numerous NPOs with websites, IT infrastructure, design, branding, content as well as general advice.

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