Meet the charities! ImpactNPO September 2016

We are only two days away from our 10th hackathon! It’s time to find out more about the charities that will be participating in the event:

Project Restore

Project Restore is a restorative justice organisation that deals with sexual abuse cases. The organisation is about to embark on growth phase and having a website has now became a priority. They need a way to keep potential clients, stakeholders, funders, staff better informed and up-to- date and be able to upload forms ,policy and procedure information, training videos and feedback complaints processes.


Solvelution is a project which aims at creating an online marketplace that supports Social Impact and Ethical organisations by markedly increasing their product sales & brand awareness, while at the same time giving 100% of their profit to consumers’ local community causes. Solvelution wants to be a place where consumer can go to browse & buy everyday items (such as coffee, personal hygiene products & toilet paper) as well as gifts and general purchases, knowing their purchase will have a positive impact both globally, and also in their local community.


ADC exists to empower people living in poverty to improve their own lives through enhancing access to responsible microfinance. The organisation does this through fundraising in New Zealand and providing capital and technical assistance to their partner charity in Myanmar, ZMF, which makes the loans. ADC is going through a period of growth and their greatest challenge is increasing their capacity to engage and inform donors and receive donations. They would like to design a new ADC website that allows them to engage and retain donors and accept payments.|

Randwick Park Association

The community of Randwick Park is formed by three community organisations that work together to make Randwick Park a great place to live for everybody. The Randwick Park Residents Association is the long-standing voice and advocate of the community who manage the neighbourhood events and projects. The newly established Randwick Park Sports and Community Trust who manage programmes and activities based from their brand new facility at the heart of Manu Tukutuku. Urban Neighbours of Hope which is focused on social enterprise, youth and leadership development. The Randwick Park Association aims at revamping an existing webpage to represent and be a resource for the neighbourhood – to connect, inform and demonstrate what is happening, what the people are doing, the resources they have, and the opportunities and achievements.