Our purpose

impactNPO exists to make the world better by providing work and advice to NPO’s.

impactNPO creates an environment where local professional IT volunteers spend a weekend developing IT solutions for local NPOs. We help the local charities and NPOs by providing solutions to their IT problems, often to organisations that would not normally have the funds or experience to engage professionals. We benefit the people who volunteer through the growth of networks and skills, plus giving them an opportunity to get an understanding of the work the charities do and to give back to their local community.

We are making the world a better place by facilitating connections between charities and individuals intent on enhancing their impact on the world. We hold energy filled weekends, for which we invite 40-50 volunteer IT professionals and graphic designers to provide solutions for four Non Profit Organisations’ challenges. The objective of the weekend is to have solutions that are ready for use, with each charity able to independently support the solution.

We have now successfully run 12 events in Auckland, and are currently planning an event in Wellington. This year we have plans for 2 more events in Auckland and another in either Wellington or Christchurch.

Some history and numbers (as at July 2017)

Over the last 2 ½ years, we have consistently run 4 events a year in Auckland, providing solutions to a total of 40 NPO challenges.

  • We have seen a significant increase in the demand for our services from NPOs, to the point where we have a waiting list for the next event. The reason for this is because the NPOs are receiving value that they never expected and spreading the word.
  • We have seen a consistent growth of volunteers who are registered on our mailing list (https://www.meetup.com/impactNPO/), with many of those volunteers attending multiple events.
  • We frequently have volunteers offering their services as organisers, usually staying engaged to help with at least one event. We currently have 8 organisers, most of whom have organised 4-5 events now, on a totally volunteer basis.
  • While we have used GridAKL (http://www.gridakl.com/) for many of our events, we have experimented with holding our events in a few other locations, mainly to build more connections in the community.
  • The only expense we currently have is for stationary and feeding our volunteers – we provide lunches and light refreshments over the weekend as we want to make the whole experience a special one for everyone. Our experience in Auckland shows us that each event costs us $1,500. If we need to travel, then those expenses will increase to cover airfares and accommodation for experienced organisers.
  • We have had different sponsors for each event, who cover our expenses. They sponsor us for a variety of reasons, and we work hard to make sure that the sponsors get the value they are looking for from the event.
  • We have recently become a charitable trust (Registration number 2657633), a registered charity Registration number CC54136, and we have donee status.

What does success look like for us?

We measure our success through these metrics:

  1. Larger community reach measured by the number of connections between charities and volunteers.
  2. Charity success stories as measured by the charities impact.
  3. Spread positive kindness in the community, as measured by the number of volunteers and the number of returning volunteers.

Our plans

We know we have a successful formula.

We want to radically expand by running more events and in other cities this year with a 3 year plan where there are events running every weekend in countries throughout the world.

What we need to do this

We know our limiting factor is time. It takes significant energy to find sponsors, and when that’s all done on volunteer time, it is constraining us. The experience shows us that when we have a sponsor lined up, the organisation of the event is fast, and we can spend our limited time on other strategic areas such as growth, expansion and how we can enhance the experience for charities, volunteers, and sponsors.

We need to find a way to be more sustainable, so we can concentrate on growing the organisation. That’s where we need your help.